Mom-Mom's Wish List

For Family and Friends, a Wish List for Tyler. Too often and Babies R Us registries do not work, so I put together this, instead. Each wish item will have a photo and link.

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  • Thursday, January 01, 2009

    Mom-Mom's Wish List for Tyler

    Not that this blog gets used much, but here is a general list of Tyler's current "hot" interests in case you need help in getting him something.

    Thomas the Tank Engine
    (TrackMaster brand)

    Tyler is most excited about this right now. It is hot hot hot! The set he has is called "TrackMaster", NOT "TakeAlong" and NOT "Wooden Railway"--if it doesn't say "Trackmaster" then it's not the right kind. It's plastic, with tan tracks, and will say "motorized." It is readily available at Target and Toys R Us. Target has quite a bit that is labeled "a Target exclusive," so I recommend shopping there. He spends hours designing and redesigning his track. The trains all have names and personalities, and some have remote controls, most are battery powered.

    Here's what Tyler has so far:
    Thomas with remote control
    Diesel 10
    Cranky at the docks with the boat Bolstrode
    the hay bailer
    the train wash
    mountain o track
    the mine tunnel

    He could use a bridge.
    He has very little of the connecting roadway, and none of the related cars or trucks. I recommend the Bertie bus and a train crossing that fits in with the track.
    The Sodor Airport would probably excite him wildy!
    He's actually asked for James, and they do have a remote control version. He also loves Percy.
    It would be nice for him to have some female character trains...he talks a lot about Emily in particular.

    * Anything from the Cars Disney-Pixar movie, like T-shirts, toys, toy bins, sheets, etc.

    Tyler is "collecting" the little match-box sized car characters. Here's a list of what he has so far:

    Lightning McQueen--one regular and one with wheels over his eyes

    Mater wind-up car

    Doc Hudson
    Sally windup car
    Luigi windup version
    one tractor
    Red (the firetruck)
    Ramone in purple
    Ramone windup version
    Dinoco helicopter
    Chick Hicks
    Mario Andretti
    Stanley statue

    He'd love to have The King and Sarge. Lizzie is a rare find. Or any race cars, like RPM, Darrell Cartrip, Leakless, or Junior (also red but #8). There's a Cars race track out there he'd die for, in a cool carrying case.

    He has a handful of "Shake And Go" cars, Doc (pictured here with Tyler), Sherriff, Lightning, and Mater.

    He has the Cars soundtrack which he asks to listen to over and over again.

    Other things or subjects he's interested in are:

    * Bob the Builder
    He has miniatures of Scoop and Muck
    and a big Scoop
    and several DVDs "If They Build It" and a couple winter themed ones

    * Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
    NOTE: Toy Story 3 is coming out in 2010--he'll be interested!

    He has Woody and Buzz Lightyear and Jesse dolls. And he has the soundtracks and the movies. He has a mister potato head. A slinky dog would be fun.

    * construction and emergency vehicles
    (He really has enough of these already! But you can't go wrong.) He has two garbage trucks already, and several firetrucks. If you want to get something new, a police car that has a siren on it, or an ambulace, or a bucket truck would be very cool and much appreciated by Tyler!

    * HotWheels or Matchbox cars

    * anything Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe, Cookie Monster, and related Sesame Street stuff
    (e-mail Mom-Mom to find out what he has)
    Sesame Street books with more text

    * dolphins and whales, sharks, and cool fish
    (Doesn't have much of this stuff.)

    * animal or zoo related stuff

    * Wild Animal Baby shows and stuff (from the National Wildlife Federation)
    He already gets the toddler magazine Wild Animal Baby
    He has one DVD "Flying Whales and Other Stories"
    others are easy to get off or

    * WALL-E
    He likes the movie, and is very fond of the robots. I don't know what's out there, but I'm thinking that's a possibility.

    He likes the movie (which, by the way, he doesn't actually have yet), and this goes along with his love of water critters, fish, sharks, dolphins and the like. He has a plush Nemo doll and several Nemo books.

    * Remote Control cars or critters